Should I purchase an Avaya Phone System

Should I purchase an Avaya Phone System? Are you considering buying an Avaya phone system? Don’t make a move until you read this. Discover the pros, cons, and potential pitfalls before the purchase.


Avaya Phone System

Avaya Corporation was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of Lucent Technologies. It is known for providing communication solutions for businesses of all sizes, including contact center, collaboration, and networking technologies.

In addition to its cloud offerings, Avaya is also known for its on-premises or onsite phone systems, including the Avaya IP Office. This system is highly regarded for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient communication solution.  It can be designed and configured to be an: Avaya PBX, Avaya IP-PBX, and a Traditional Line Telephone System that is the official upgrade to their Avaya Partner Phone System.   Its advanced features, such as advanced call flow, advanced call handling, advanced voicemail, and its integration and call recording, also set it apart from other phone systems on the market.

Should I purchase an Avaya Phone System

We are often asked “Should I purchase an Avaya Phone System” that is a complex answer but a wise one to ask by any business owner or manager.   Lets answer that in a series of statements:

Can I install my own Avaya Phone System?

Answer:  The Avaya phone System is highly complex and requires skilled wiring technicians to install it, but depending on your skill level with a remote programmer it may be possible but not recommended.   It is best to get an END to END provider like A.B.S to handle these issues fo you.

Avaya Phone
This is an Avaya Phone for the Avaya IP Office in Avaya Line Telephone System mode or configuration. The best part of Avaya Phones is the vast options that can be deployed to create an ideal phone system for your organization.

Avaya IP Office 

Avaya Phone Systems are some of the most complex and advanced products on the market today for communication.  This makes them highly flexible in both the cloud world and on-premise systems.  But, for their on-premise solution, it is critical to know it has  a lot to do with the system programmer. [ The Technician Matters ]  – We have Level 3 senior Avaya programmers who can create complex and yet user-friendly call flows for your organization.

Is the Avaya Phone System Reliable

Avaya Phones, are some of the most rugged and durable phones produced in the industry today. This is in large part because they are a Government equipment provider which sets high standards.  The Avaya IP Office, is modular in design which makes it highly repairable and highly reliable.  Although they may say it has a 15-year lifespan we believe much like their Avaya Partner Phone system it has closer to a 20-year lifespan if it is well maintained and installed properly.

Avaya Coporation

Avaya like many larger organizations has made missteps in recent years following COVID-19 however because of their partnerships, Government Contracts, and engineering we believe they will survive any financial struggles they may have.  The best thing about Avaya is a wide well trained network of Avaya Technicians.


We are an ABSPHONE partner, A TelcomPBX Partner, and part of a network of Avaya Phone System installers who can provide outstanding Avaya Support.  Its critical that you know who you are buying from because with an Avaya it is absolutely critical due to its complexity of installation.


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